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  1. i made this receipe !! OMG sooooo goood !!! thanks aloot !
    however i skipped the rum, and substituted the cream with butter milk.

    kono reshipi tsukutta bakarai de, sogoku oishii desu ! oshiete kureta arigatou !

  2. Some grocery stores will have different types of squash available at around this time. Look for them in the produce area – I found mine at Ralph's near the bananas and potatoes yesterday for $0.99/lbs.

  3. I tried to make it in the oven, but it didn't get thick enough. What could have caused this? I used small eggs, maybe it wasn't enough? What temperature should I use in the oven? 

  4. In tried this but the results is bad, its not firm enough, its way too melt in the mouth, what could have I done wrong.

  5. Can you use a pumpkin you find from a pumpkin patch to bake/cook with or is there an actual pumpkin or squash I have to use?

  6. Hi Chef ! I love this reciepe soooo much ! Is it possible to use another ingredient instead of pumkin ? If it's possible do you have suggestion ? By the way you're my hero and I have a huge respect for you !

  7. Since my pudding cups are too large for my stove-top pan, can I boil it inside the oven using a baking container to firm up the pudding?

  8. おいしそう! かぼちゃを こんど かわむきで やれば もっと かんたんで かわを むけます、そして あぶなくないです。(ー_^) 

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