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  1. Actually there's another channel experimenting with butter found that putting butter during the sous vibe will reduce the taste, butter should be there when searing or finishing stage

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  3. you can also push the bag down in the water with a tiny open above the surface and it pushes all the air out of the bag and you can zip it. Don't need the straw 😛

  4. using butter in there was a mistake 🙂 it absorbs so much flavor! Also you went to close with your torch, may made it taste a little torchy 😀 you wont notice on your first sous-vide but when you do it the right way its another million times more delicous 😀

  5. We just sous-vide ours to rare and then finish it on an incredibly hot charcoal grill for texture/smoke flavor. It turns out perfectly medium rare throughout every time.

  6. I might be a bit late on the commenting but wouldn't a crust from a blowtorch be really thin and less crispy than a crust formed at a slightly lower tempurature. I'm pretty sure that there might be some sweetspot in tempurature to crustify (is that even a word?) your steak at and is that something worth looking into?

  7. You should not add butter before cooking. It leaches the flavor out of the steak and leaves it in the butter so you end up with a flavorful butter, but a less flavorful steak. Instead sous vide the steak with just salt pepper and herbs, and then melt the butter on top when you sear the steak. It will help make a flavorful and caramelized crust, as well as an even more delicious inside than you have already achieved. Cheers! Great video.

  8. in my experience, sous-vide results are way better if you do not put butter in with the meat. One day, I had a recommended video in my feed where a brazilian guy compared sous-vide results with and without butter…

    I repeated the test myself and I have to say that it is decisively better without butter

  9. what's considered a safe surface for a 2000 blowtorch? I don't want to vaporize chemical residues on a piece of steel and have em leech into the meat!

  10. Amazing thermodynamics: Temperature being a statistical average, leaving something for long enough time at 60 degrees celsius will definitely overcook it.

  11. Seems like it would taste very strongly of butane if I were to use the torch I own. Is there a special type of gas that chefs use?

  12. Wish I'd seen your videos before buying a sous vide machine, haven't bought a blowtorch yet any advice before I do?

  13. You're not comparing sous vide + torch vs non sous vide; You're comparing ok cooked vs poorly cooked. -Nothing to do with method. There are many methods that can produce similar results.

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