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  1. This is my favourite Nigerian dish and my hubby taught me how to cook it, but I mastered it myself. I love it with catfish, and eba. My sister, you are truly an inspiration!

  2. Oyinbo Nwunye: your style is really different to all that I've watched, hmmmmn, yummy, yummy. I would try your style another time I'm up to cooking egusi soup. thumbs up

  3. Hi Oyinbo, greeting to you. I was led here after viewing and attempting your Moi Moi recipe (at this very moment I am actually sitting in my kitchen at my dining table waiting on my first ever batch to complete the 1 & 1/2 hour steaming time you recommended). Your recipe truly inspired me and propels me unto attempting them.

    I delight in learning how to cook all types of dishes, I am always keen to expand on my culinary library so that I have a variety of options to pull from whenever I think of preparing a meal.

    I am a British National who lives in London, England of Caribbean/West Indian Parentage. I had the joy of being raised by my grandparents in the West Indies from age 1 to 15. Mama was a cooking wife/mother/grandmother who did a sterling job at multi-tasking, she was a phenominal resourceful woman who possessed excellent survival skills, she knew just how to keep her family contented even in difficult situations. I am so blessed to have been taught how to cook from her. She always knew how to take indpiration from God and produce a good appetising meal even when there was nothing in the cupboards.

    I am blessed to have a couple of Nigerian friends who are great cooks. Egusi Soup had always been a favourite of mines, finally a few months ago I was taught by one of my friends how to make it.

    Your recipe is very impressive, I love that you incorporate lots of fresh herbs into your dish, I love your application and it is evident that cooking for your loved ones is an absolute joy for you and not a chore.

    God bless you for taking time out to diligently put together your fantastic videos and for encouraging so many across the world to try different recipes.

    I love that you use very little readymade/processed products, instead I noted that you generally prepare most of your very own food using natural raw ingredients (for example: I observed that you made your own egusi from the plant seed & you also used fresh Spinach leaves and not frozen etc).

    Please be encouraged and continue to share your God given skills with the world, you truly are an inspiration to many and I did not hesitate to subscribed as I would gladly be viewing and most likely trying out many more of your recipes and cooking guidance God's willing..

    Keep encouraging others with your good works. To God be the glory.

  4. Good job I'm a Nigerian my late husband was he and his sister taught me alot about cooking the nerigan dish. My American kids loved it up till now…

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