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  1. In 1989 British people didn't eat shells. What like lobster, crab, scallops, langoustine, oysters, mussels, winkles, clams, razor clams and cockles. Jamie please keep silly people like this off your channel.

  2. ohhhhh i see that Jamie likes clams , he was eating all the clams , while she was eating pasta 😀 this is my show and i eat the meat 😀 :))

  3. So, why wasn't David called in at the end? I mean she obviously showed some hesitation in her voice mentioning David. Obviously not all memories were good in Milan

  4. Honestly my favorite dish is chiccory in ham and cheese with mashed potatoes Guess i suck because my favorite isn't crab on lobster on salmon on caviar on eatable gold plate

  5. Spaghetti vongole might be my last supper meal request. But, for a strong food memory, I remember making Chinese dumplings and wontons with my mother ever since I was a little girl standing on a stool watching her and making big batches. We would devour them eagerly as a family as soon as they were cooked. They could be fried, pan fried or boiled in soup. So amazing. So many different types of fillings but often pork mince and shrimp and green onions and garlic with some asian condiments and seasonings. Also dipping sauces. I would always ask for the fried wontons for my birthday. I make them to this day. Delicious.

  6. I can't think of anything more grim than tinned clams haha. Just something about canned seafood makes me feel a bit funny. Lovely looking recipe there Jamie. Thankfully I have a superb fish market near me, so can easily give it a go.

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