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  1. I think after my Shop Assitant Apprenticeship Im going to open an Cafe or Restaurant where I will sell shit like that. I think its a good business.

  2. It's the same as a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, except they are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar instead of chocolate chips.

  3. The recipe in the video and the recipe in the description box don't match. The amounts of cinnamon, cream of tartar and baking soda are different. Also it doesn't say to chill the dough before baking

  4. I wanted to make snicker doodles, so I searched it up and this tasty video came up, after watching it I clicked on the channel only to find out that it was posted on the day I wanted to make snickerdoodles. Today

  5. This is a comment.

    Maybe to show that I am, well kind of early.

    This is useless

    Why am I even writing this?


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