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  1. Tasty, you better not test me with the metric system. And to all you scrubs in the comments, don't say your system is better than the English system.

  2. the most famous morrocan dish in the world tajine — moroccan chicken, apricot and almond tagine. site:

  3. I was actually thinking of a original comment so I could get likes, but I never seem to get any. Then I realized, this is original, is it not? (Unless someone else did it first where I didn't see :P)

  4. The only thing I'm happy about here is the metric units
    Screw pounds and ounces man I take a lot of time converting them😂

  5. Just a suggestion – please stop using titles like this. Just name it what the food is called and leave it like that.

  6. Omg this is my “go-to” dish when I go to Pei Wei! I will be making this at home from now on without a doubt. Didn’t realize it was so easy! Thx Tasty for showing me how to make my own fast food! Lol

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