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  1. Why make boiling eggs so extra? It shouldn't take that long to boil one. Just set a timer as soon as the water boils, and have the eggs boil for about 8 minutes, then do the ice bath or just let the eggs run under cold water. It's faster and they're perfect.

  2. How to make anything perfect: add huge amounts of fat. Thanks, we already knew…

    Real skill in my opinion, is making something taste amazing with reduced amounts of added fat. Now, that is actually a challenge and proof of culinary talent

  3. The worst smell is burnt scramble eggs when it sticks to the skillet. I also use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) instead of butter. Ill try it with butter for breakfast. Thanks for this!

  4. Why there's no restaurant of tasty? So pleasant, I just watch and don't make anything… thats why i don't succed.

  5. -Scrambled Eggs: Salt and pepper when they are almost done to prevent them from breaking down and running watery causing you to over cook them.
    -Fried Egg: Also pour them into a bowl before the pan to prevent shells unlike in the video @ 2:33.
    -Boil Egg: This method never worked for me; probably because I don't have a good lid to retain the heat. I place eggs straight out of the fridge into the pan, add water, high heat, close lid and let them cook for 12min to get the same consistency as 6 and 15min to get 12.
    -Poached Egg: I usually use a microwave with boiling water in a small bowl. Nuke for a 65sec (my microwave), gently dislodge it from the bowl with a slotted spoon and let it rest in the bowl for 2min to firm up the white more and serve.

  6. I don't think there's enough butter in the planet for every single time I make eggs, if I'm gonna make them like this.

  7. 50% of the comments are about the butter in the eggs, 40% of the comments are about the girl's voice,and the remailning 10% are about other people already doing this

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