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  1. Omg the comments 😂 If they wrote Chicken Kiev, you'd say "That's not how you do Chicken Kiev" .. people always finding something wrong with these videos! guys, why can't you just enjoy it & stop being so negative, or just do us a favor and stop watching 🙄

  2. Do yourself a favour and get a mortar and pestle. Smash the shit out of the garlic and parsley and then mix it into the butter. You're welcome

  3. Eggs – flour – bread crumbs- eggs – flour bread crumbs – eggs – flour – bread crumbs – Fry…… Do u know any other way to cook?

  4. Hey Tasty why don't you try baking a cookie butter Carmel vanilla cake, I had that at Olive Garden and I want to know how you can cook it at home

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