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  1. I just wanna know what size those mason jars are!!! 250 or 500ml? Haha I don't give a shit what anyone's diet is as it's not my business!

  2. everyone getting upset since it isn't vegan. well do you know what i say? FUCK YOU VEGANS GO COMPLAIN SOMEWHERE ELSE

  3. lol everyone is arguing and i'm over here like "there was a stem on one of the blueberries in the jar wouldn't that be gross to eat?"

  4. They could've at least changed the fruit. Why do they all have to have strawberries, blueberries etc what about mangos and coconut flakes? Lazy.

  5. ppl say tasty is getting lazier, but at least I find these vids useful for me. Would be nice for my breakfast ❤️

  6. Woukd this be a you make this and eat this same day meal? Or You make this, store it and eat it late in the week?

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