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  1. How to make a double cheeseburger.

    How to prepare the hamburger:

    Step 1: Remove the actual burger and add salt add some extra salt to salt it.

    Step 2: Salt the extra salted salt with salt.

    How to make the sauce for the double cheeseburger:

    Step 3: Put mayonaise and kethup a cup, add some salt.

    How to garnish the double cheeseburger:

    Step 4: Put garnish on and salt the garnish.


    Step 5: Buns baked in salt and butter for extra heartattack and serve with extra salted salt.

  2. he looks fricking depressed
    like mate show some fucking enthusiasm
    yer nan hasnt just died
    maybe hes on his period
    oh who am i to judge

  3. Hmm. Watching a Tasty video while hungry is a bad idea. I know! I'll just eat prior to it.

    Eats Clicks on video

    Now I'm mad I didn't have that.

  4. So you're saying me, that meat is cooked in 4 minutes?? On a freaking pan??? Hell no I'm not eating anything chewy or RAW

  5. That's look yummye but I do love a big old messy burger Ike the one on that  channel  drunken dishes but this did look good tho

  6. For at least 5 seconds as I saw this title, I thought this was made by Eric Andre and I was really prepared to see spiders marinated in worm piss, cause that's the sort of shit in HIS comfort zone.

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