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  1. Thats not a greek food that is turkish food but you always say this is our foods baklava ours cacık ours blahhhhh blahhhh you are thief according to us visit my country and ine more time think about it that is really our foods

  2. Just a quick observation: If you stir about a teaspoon of salt into the shredded cucumber and let it sit for a few minutes before squeezing it, you'll get more water out of it when you do squeeze it. It also ends up salting the dish, so taste it before salting at the end.

  3. And also caciki and cacık are different. In Turkey we put some water to yoğurt and generally we dont use herbs to it maybe only dried mint we put it. But in Greece their yoğurt is more solid then turkish yoğurt and they put fresh herbs like parsley dill and they use lemon juice too. We have similar cultures like all meditrenian countries have. Greek baklavas and turkish baklavas are differrent too. But doner is turkish food since turks were in middle asia…

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