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  1. I usually make a 9 by 13 baked oatmeal but I think I'm going to try a double recipe of the oatmeal cups. And I love my overnight oats! But every now and then I need to change and the oats have clearly stabilized my blood sugar so I need to eat oats daily. I even make savory oats every now and then for breakfast or supper.

  2. I miss the old tasty that would deep fry onion rings stuffed with beef and cheddar. Those were the good ol' days…

  3. Tasty, if your reading this please do 5 or 10 tasty food for losing weight? I would be so good because my son really wants to put some pounds so please do!☺

  4. I don't wanna complain about all this because everything actually looked pretty good but baby in the end they showed "Tasty Vegeterian" so are eggs vegeterian?!

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