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  1. I made this and as expected the cheese melted and completely lost its "pasta"-like form into a melted ball of cheese when I put it in boiling water for 1 min

  2. I'm tired of the "fat is bad" comments.
    This recipe is designated for a Ketogenic diet (low carbs, high fats). Ask your doctor about it…or google shit. Whatever.

  3. I'm happy this is a thing because I have a friend who's grandfather can't have too many carbs so I sent this to her and she's overly happy because you just somewhat saved her grandfathers life ❤️

  4. I am starting to think Tasty is trying too hard to appeal to all types of eaters. The vegans, the vegetarians, the paleo hacks, the SAD people, and then those who simply do not ever give a flying fuck about anything they put in their mouth. . .

  5. Okay you can't just do that and talk about how it's "low carb" like it's all of a sudden healthy, you're just swapping something for another thing. Like "hey, let's make low-carb cheeseburgers by swapping the buns for fried mozzarella balls!"

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