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  1. Thank you for doing your videos my girlfriend is 9 months pregnant. Use to be small framed and now that's she's pregnant she feels huge. She also has carpel tunnel and your videos make her feel better about herself thank you! She doesn't wear make up either or do her hair and she use to be super diva now she doesn't care. You make her feel better thank you thank you.

  2. I Might Be Doing Something And As Soon As I Get Notified That The Bella Twins Posted Something Whatever I Was Doing Can Wait Because I Love The Bellas

  3. who else just stops to watch these videos I mean they are soooooo addictive
    onnc I click one I always click another and so go on

  4. brie you always look pretty. hope you come back to the ring. you are the best. and i like when you call brian " SWEET FACE" it is so cute and nikki you are the best if i were to choose who is the best bella… it will be difficult because i love both of you equally.

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