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  1. Hi Steve,
    I used to work for a Zoo and I had to take a trip down to Panama to do some amphibian rescuing. That was the first time I ever experienced ceviche. Up in the northern states I've never even heard of it being served. What a wonderful and natural way to cook seafood. Now that you reminded me I'm going to try it on my next camping trip in Ohio.
    Take care,

  2. Another good video Steve. Your have made a few videos with ceviche on the boat and it has reminded me to start packing lemons/limes when i go out. I would rather have fresh made fish/lobster ceviche than any deli meat sandwiches. By the way, how fast does your 2.5hp motor push your kayak? It seems perfect for trolling.

  3. Hi Steve, greetings from PR. Waiting for Hurricane cat 5 Irma. First gusts right now. Hoping you are prepared in case of this monster hits Florida.

  4. Based on your replies it looks like you're staying in the keys for Irma? Thats the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Don't be stupid

  5. Good luck with the hurricane. I lost my house and two cars with Harvey. And ironically im now in a hotel room overlooking the water without the ability or time to wet a hook.

    Only good thing to come out of it is now the wife can't complain about my Hobie pa14 since it was used to evacuate her, my two kids and two dogs out of the house with 3ft of water inside. Stay safe.

  6. Love the videos! What kinda avocado was that with yellow inside and a brown shell? Also stay safe with Irma! Hope all is well.

  7. You might want to sew an extra chin-strap onto your favorite hat: up here in Naples the last hurricane had me picking my chickens off the back fence for a week…Florida-style: grab a bottle of rum and get into the bathtub. Film what you can – we ALL want to see you come through…hoard fresh water (start now) and make sure you have a way to cook without electricity. Soon you will understand the saying, "When the shit hits the fan."

  8. Planning on zipping around on your repaired outboard from bait shop to bait shop during the hurricane? lol just kidding Wilma we didn't get to bad of looters. Stay safe Steve 👌

  9. Hey Steve I'm here in ft lauderdale and it looks like we may be in for it with Irma. You seem like a prepared kinda dude but prayers are with ya buddy honestly I hope you gotta out of the keys !

  10. Hey Steve, give us a shout if you need a place to stay or a few days. I get free rooms at a nearby casino and you're welcome to use one. Otherwise, be safe man…it's just stuff and not worth your life, bro'.

  11. If you find yourself in a "holy crap" moment with Irma, I live in Orlando–we're getting our kites and frisbees ready.

  12. Hey Steve, what are you gonna do about Hurricane Irma? She's gonna be a category four and will slam the Keys. Stay safe out there.

  13. Hope you are keeping an eye on then approaching hurricane and have your bug out plan ready. Be safe my friend and live to fish another day!

  14. Well you're making my mouth water again 🙂 I will have to see if I can do something like this its right up my Street. Nice vid thanks for sharing, Graham. Oh & stay safe with Irma around the corner.

  15. Great videos Steve, You're my inspiration, I have done some of your Adventures, I live in Kissimmee and I drive all away down to the keys, hope to see you Out there someday .

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