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  1. So these induction stoves are electric?  Do I need to know anything else before switching my crappy electric oven to one of these?  or do I just plug it in and enjoy?

  2. theoretically yes
    so put your gold ring off your hand if you want to get close to the field
    but only if there are no safety mechanics on its

  3. bosch has major problems with every appliance they make samsung and lg are the best in my opinion they work for many years and are built with customer in mind

  4. I hate to say but Samsung does not compare to GE Monogram, Miele, Bosch. Samsung is made in Asia, is hard to order replacement parts. Just another el chepo range made in China vs. GE Monogram Miele or Bosch

  5. @wholtone you live inside a huge and much larger magnetic field created by the earth as well as the one by the moon (the moon is the reason we have sea tides) and also the sun… magnetic fields do not have side effects the way that you are thinking.

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