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  1. Sorry Jamie and co. Been a sub since beginning of Food Tube (~ 4 years) this probably ends my subscription with you. Been a fun ride. I also understand that at no fault of your own the YT channel isn't lucrative as it use to be. Still love ya Jamie and will continue to consume your books, tv shows and your Woolies brand goods. But i feel this channel is no longer for me. Cheers and thanks for the ride.

  2. This was so well written. Really funny in a deadpan way, perfectly in line with Jamie's vibe. Now that's how you make an ad.

  3. Seriously you guys!!! If you worked hard, and peeked the interest of people who want to work with you, even if you didn’t need the money as many of you claim he doesn’t, y’all would turn down these opportunities? Like seriously? Get out of here.

  4. So am I getting this right? This channel will be Jamie Olivers AD-Tube from now on? I´m just asking to be sure if i should unsubscribe or not.

  5. Not impressed…… I understand the that it is a paid ad my Landrover, but Jamie's paid celebrity work somewhat diminishes his authenticity 🙁

  6. Look at faces of guys when Jamie explains how the car should look like haha 🙂 Good Job, I haven't know that even possible;)

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