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  1. What happens half a part of the salmon smelled a bit funky and the rest smells good half cooked good the last part had white bubbles I decided to throw that part is it safe to eat the other once cooked doesn't smell bad

  2. You're suppose to move the skin, not the knife. That way you don't have to worry about keeping the knife at the correct angle as it goes down the fish cuz the knife is always still.

  3. well , i do not think this video was intended for ''Proffessional Chefs'' since , as u might have noticed it's a ''How to – video'' u should learn to read and maybe get a pair of glasses , and clearly he is taking it slowly for us viewers.

  4. As an ex-professional cook I laugh when I see this…Seriously, this guy needs to never teach anyone how to skin a salmon ever again. He has the salmon oriented the wrong way to start with. The whole process of skinning a salmon filet should take 15 seconds tops, and it should look much cleaner than that. You only use the knife to start with, then you use your hands, literally sliding the meat of the skin. Search "skinning a salmon filet with your hands". There are some pretty good videos of it.

  5. @Valerinaisback No its not he even says his name in some video hes a friend of jamie. Also he doesnt sound like jamie, go see a doctor plz

  6. Uh, people think this isn't the real Jamie Oliver, YES he is. He sounds the same, his fingernails.. The same youtube channel.

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