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  1. I learned it that way, but I stopped doing this because any salmonella and other nasty stuff will sit on the egg shell and will get in your food when you use it to remove some bits.

  2. Learned this from you a long time ago, Jamie. During an Oliver's Twist episode I think. Love it, and all else that I have learned from you and your channel! Shout out to the team that makes it possible as well 🙂

  3. Jamie Jamie!! Do you want to give us all salmonella??
    The outside of the egg (shell) should never get in contact with food!!
    Don't forget, it comes out of the backside of a chicken!
    You should know better!

  4. +Jamie Oliver, I know these tips are basic, but they are all tips I have only ever learnt from you. In my opinion, all schools should be teaching the basics of cooking. Instead of my school showing us how to use knives safely, we were told to bring in everything 'pre-cut' because there was not enough time in a lesson to show us how to cut a potato apparently. Its crazy to think I've learnt more life skills watching Youtube videos than at school. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to go through the basics other chefs assume ordinary people already know.

  5. Another tip is to wet your hands with a little water and the shell will come straight to your finger. I don't know why it works so well but it does. 🙂 try it!

  6. I Always slide in the tip of a knife behind the piece of shell that is on the white, then when i take the knife out of the egg white the shell piece comes out with it, not 100% fail-proof but makes me more comfortable than putting the rest of the shell inside the egg, even while the egg is clean.

  7. the egg gets out of the chickens the shell is sth dirty.why putting sth dirty back again into the egg?get it a spoon.much more hygenical

  8. Did you know that rarely any amount of Salmonella is found inside the raw egg but on the outside of the eggshell?

  9. Everyone asking about unwashed eggs! SimpLy wash ur eggs!!! before using them!
    i aLways wash them because im gonna use it, hoLd it, crack it on my bowL or pan (or even when just boiLed)! so how can i not wash them!!! & Let soop poop & feathers in my eggs!
    even if it comes cLean how can u guarantee
    i pour a bit of my dishwashing liquid & gentLy rub under water… done

  10. I love baking and I bake quite a lot but dealing with eggs and egg shels is just a pain in the ass, i cant break an egg properly or without having egg shels in it so THANK YOU !

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