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  1. IS it okay to turn on the oven setting e.g 'fan-forced' WITH the temp on 0 degrees ? Because thats the only way i could have my oven light on D:

  2. It is most often proof, but prove is also considered correct.  For example; if you type "prove dough," in your search engine, all results will say, "proof dough."  Both are in the dictionary though.

    I think the word references the fermentation of yeast.  My guess is that's why the word is used for alcohol and baked goods.  Again, that's a guess.  If anyone knows the etymology, I'd love to hear it.

    What's funny here, is that the presenter in this video says, "proof," but the title reads, "Prove." It may be a British vs American thing? IDK.

  3. Erm… if you're using your oven to prove your dough, how are you going to pre-heat it for baking your bread once it's proved? Presumably you'll have to remove the proving dough at some point in order to heat up the oven for baking – so won't that interrupt the proving process?

  4. You forgot the most important thing: The amount of time the dough needs to rise for. Letting the dough sit for too long will kill the air in the bread, and can make it taste like yeast. Also, letting the dough prove twice (first time in the mixing bowl), always gets the best result.

  5. Great tip, thanks! Definitely going to try that. Btw Nicole is so jolly and nice and has a pleasant tone of voice 🙂

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