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  1. So happy to see that people in the comments are helping others with their questions about studying! Let's keep up with these positive vibes 💪🏼

  2. School starts tomorrow for me so I'm binge watching ur videos I want to get straight A's for once this school year especially in math and science!💜

  3. So for a month i wasn't able to study languages, because i was extra tired. A week, right before school year starts, i started watching your videos, and oh dear, i'm soo motivated, and now i feel more energetic than ever. Thank you so much, you motivate a lot! 💜💜

  4. So how do we study for a test that has detailed questions?.. because I always rewrite the book or summarize, and it doesn't work

  5. can you please tell from where you got the link spiral notebook that you write your summaries in please please please tell🙏🙏

  6. I got exams in first week of September. Its been two months that I am studying 14 hours daily.not meeting people not hanging out anywhere. now two months left nd I am getting worried nd worried.p.s I am a doctor

  7. When you study I suggest you do your own exam and do questions of the most important stuff, and if you don't know the answer you go and read in a book about the subject or just search it cause its honestly really helpful and easier and I actually got a really good grade on doing that method

    Also I'm not sure if ways to study said this in a video but just in case

  8. A lot of what you mentioned is organisation and time management, I'm okay but a little looser than you by the looks of things. If you are really struggling with parts of the curriculum of a subject you find really difficult, I think it's good to 'go where the marks are' but that's just my opinion. My course has dense subject matter, the big hurdle I've had is honing in on the relevant info. I'm a 40yo who returned to study Psychology and have had to relearn not only how to be a student (not so hard) but how to prepare for exams (even harder than I thought). I believe marks are what we pay for (unless you're in a country where Uni is free) but what you take from study into the real world, out of an academic context is the true value of study. Sorry for the essay. Some great tips, thanks for the video!

  9. I'm sorry this video wasn't very helpful to me… most of these tips were common sense. For example, "sleep" "remember your books" "study a lot" you should come up with more unique tips. X

  10. i have 4 hours since my sociology exam and i haven't read anything…… instead of studying i am watching videos on how to study

  11. My SOLs are on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Then I have more SOLs on the 6th and 7th. If anybody sees this comment, please wish me luck!

  12. great vidéo ! thank you , my exams are in two weeks and i started feeling the burnout effect combined with the excessive anxiety but i'm trying to stay focused , your videos are helping , keep it up (y)

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