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  1. Hello Darvi Lolovi you are a good Ghanian katrist that knows how to cook very well and thoroughly explain the steps. Are you a Ghanian?

  2. Hi AdomHomeCooking with this meat pie video how did you make the dough? Did you add water or did you add extra butter/ magarine? I am curious.

  3. seriously I tried but failed so can u pls give the measurement in number let say am going to use a full pack of the flour how many box of the butter do i have to use u know some butter are made in paper wrap. so pls help. how many of the butter. do I have to use in mixing a full pack of the flour. tnx

  4. Hello auntie, I absolutely love the way you lay out the ingredients, the way you explain what to do. All your clips are very easy to understand and follow. You're doing a GREAT job. Thank you for sharing!

  5. i really love everything about this woman she explain everything for ur understand thanks u very much. But pls i will like to visit you to learn more when i come back to motherland Ghana how can i locate u pls..?

  6. I tried your method using only margarine without water but when I started rolling and folding they tearing and after baking they were breaking.why?

  7. Pls am from the united state and the oven here are all standard and we go by degrees so I don't knw how to preheat my oven to what degrees

  8. Just gave this a try. It came out salty and nothing like meat pie. I problem is on my part. For those who are yet to give this a try, please don't add salt since most butters are full of salt. I will give it a try again

  9. Good evening Adom home cooking pls i want to know  wheneva i try prepare my meat pie it gets torn the texture is not smooth as yours cos i watch your recipe and really like it , PLS I WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH MAGERINE OR BUTTER YOU USE AND ALSO FLOUR PLS HELP ME

  10. Mmmmm , I try your pie yesterday and it was soo nice, thanks very much you have help me to improve my style of cooking. But I never see you useing baking powder, those it has some effect on dough making. Thanks.

  11. Heyy do you know how to make ghana tites or tight lol. I don't really know the actually spelling but its like a yellow bread really soft and they usually smear butter in the middle.

  12. sorry my least fave recipe. you do not show how you got from the sandy texture in the bowl to the dough texture without adding water!. i am here and stuck with a very crumbly dough that will not fold. not cool

  13. Wow I have just join this but I am so impressed by you are dishes thank you for sharing its so delicious and helpfull you have improved me my way of cooking. Thank you alot

  14. thank u so much it looks really simple and delicious
    God Bless u too and hope u keep creating more great delicious food videos

  15. Maggie cube are full of preservatives. I stopped using them, when I realized they were giving me headaches. I make my own seasoning paste now from fresh herbs. I can control the salt amount also. I don't miss Maggie's cubes AT ALL!

  16. seen a couple of ppl asking abt the amount of butter and flour to use… it depends on how many pies ur making but the butter – flour ratio is 1:2 so if ur using 500g of flour you will use 250g (or a lil bit more if ur not going to add water) of cold butter 🙂

  17. for the Bread can u use all purpose flour or only bread flour , because I cant find the bread flour. but ur video is very nice and understanding thanks

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