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  1. ahhh, my everyday breakfast in Ghana… thank you.. I will definitely try this at home now.. 😏🙃

    BUT the powdered one is nothing like the real one 👎 and if you're going to purchase it, at least don't buy it from the Chinaman

    can you show, how to make fulla? 😍

  2. I personally didnt like the taste of fermentation in hausa koko. ive lived in ghana long enough but I never seemed to like it whenever I tried it

  3. great work @ adom home cooking, but you will never get the unique taste of hausa koko without fermentation, after straining, cover it and leave it to ferment for a couple of hours or preferably overnight.

  4. in Ghana the millet isn't milled dry. it is soaked in water for a day then washed thoroughly because they contain sand and stones. it is then strained to get rid of excess water. the spices are then  added and milled. water is then added to form a dough and left to ferment. hausa koko is not prepared over heat.

  5. How I looovveee this Porridge. It's such a smooth and delicious breakfast to have . " Adom Kitchen" you are a fantastic cook. You know how to cook every Ghanaian dish. U are Amazing!!!
    Thanx for sharing…..

  6. So this blender method versus the traditional Ghanaian method of using the corn mill, do they both taste the same or are there some differences?

  7. Thank you so much for showing us. I don't trust the shop ones in the uk. The flour smell like hausa koko but does not look or taste like it. They add extra flour to bulk it up. People these days.

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