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  1. How to stand up to this?

    Think big, pray 5 times ( as much as you can) become an entrepreneur, use the money for powerful change. Inshallah.

  2. First of all, separating the government from any SPECIFIC religion does NOT separate it from morality. You are American-born, so you should know that. Our criminal law is based on "don't kill, don't rape, don't steal, etc." These principles are common to ALL religions. If not, then it's not a religion. I would not want to live in a Jimmy Swaggart country, so even as a Muslim, I'm very grateful at least that church and state are separated. The US is good for that.

    Secondly, do you have a solution for these problems or are you just complaining? Let us know how you will get Muslims to agree on ANYTHING, then let us know how to protect Muslims from other Muslims.

    You like the sound of your own voice. We are not asleep. We are fully awake. Nouman. Leave the country? Come on. And go where? Egypt?

    Have either of you read the history of recent wars in depth? Or are you just borrowing rhetoric and perpetuating it? Are YOU not aware that EVIL is NOT coming? It's HERE. It's YOU. It's ME. It's always been HERE.

    And, Noam Chomsky doesn't know everything. You like him because he supports Palestine, not because he's wise. Be careful of whom you get into bed with.

    I support a world military IF it keeps the peace, is not controlled by any one country and prevents slaughter and persecution. Otherwise, I don't.

    How is this different from the principles of an Islamic State at the time of the Prophet? He wanted to conquer everywhere, for the purpose of establishing justice where there was none. Just because it's not comprised of all Muslims doesn't mean it's no good.

    You young people are always ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I'm 71, America female, 30+ year convert, and I don't see how this video helped anyone prepare for anything.

  3. Who are telling like this are the fucken dajjal. Allah have revealed his miracle . Modern science and technology all are the miracle of Allah regarding through the muslims how could be it the property of Christian as well as the so called son of god . They all are dajjal,lier , illiterate in practical eyes ,The dajjals.They're are deaf , dump, blind so they will not return .They are trying how they could destroy the Quran of Allah .And it stared from the crusade ages ,do not forget how they are killing Muslims from more than 900 years and its continuing. Is not a fitna of Dajjal? Open your eyes with the power as well as the help of Quran to find out the lier the saitan among man and jinni .Try to find out the worshiper of Saitan(Iblis).
    Call Anti – Hazrat Isa (as) not the fucken Christ.

  4. we should only fear The One that made all of us. the rest of those devils are a bad joke and their punishment is at hand of The Almighty.

  5. brother dajjal hides it identity… u didn't mention it….
    as u know N.a.k is a sufi….n hides it…
    as u know hamza yusuf is a sufi….
    n do u sufies believe in miracle… n they follow miraculous person… bcoz they were program….

    So who will be more miraculous than dajjal…
    he will turn desert into green
    he will falsely give life to death person(appear)…
    he will fight follower of quran n sunnah… n everyone knows…sufies hates mujahids as wahabies….

    so in short…if u really want to fight dajjal . u hv to follow the manhaj of sahabas…. not the manhaj of tv personality like of nak….hamza yusuf….etc…..

  6. Well it's simple, those who created the sects in the first place of muslims and then on the same fashion Cristian's and then Jews were are the followers of dajal, so same people throughout the history have done the same to corrupt every deen sent by Allah and replaced it with man mad laws(religion), so they are all following the same religion and are two sides of the coin, without one other is useless so they both have to be playing the same game as making the rest of the people fools and scare them into following, Arabs or Jews are the same people 😂😂 and have produced all them documents In the name of the last prophet which are by if anything to do with the Quranic order or Deen from Allah. So best of luck for bringing the world to where we are today as humanity, rather then establishing the system of salat, you have simply turned that into a pre Islamic ritual and now you are stuck to your neck and there is no way out for you in the hell. Carry on with ur illusions and chanting and hoping you are on the actual deen sent by Allah to his last beloved prophet, carry on defending those self created scripted religion of musalma kazaab and carry on defining his characteristic as portraying him as our beloved nabi and Rasool, you people were never following the preaching of Quran and Nabi in the first place, but turned the guidance into rituals, may Allah shows us all hidayat which is Quran.

  7. All of theses who are talking about dajjal, To my understanding are the actual messengers of Dajjal, had they been talking about the scriptures not out of context but to prove their given agenda, they should have told you that salat is the system Allah explains in Quran on how to establish the system of Salat until the day it's established where all the false hood will parish, but no they will never tell you that this ritualistic pre Islamic religion of musalma Kazab who was a religious leader of that time and had a parallel government to Nabi e Kareem's government, and they had a war with Nabi Arkam and they were distorted, they will never tell you that the arabs revived musalma Kazab'z characteristics and attributes it to Nabi akram, and now they have no other choice but to protect their false religion that they have developed over the last 1000 years in the name of Islam, they live in fear and they die in fear.

  8. I was born muslim and I just woke up from this dunya. It's a big slap in the face. May Allah swt have mercy on us and protect us from the dajjal and evil spirits. May Allah swt cleans our hearts and lead us all to the straight path.

  9. excellent job you good youngsters. like the youngsters of Kahaf

    All of you with different banners May Allah make it smoth and huzzleless for you all. and grand his protection.

  10. It's as if everyones' excited and can't wait for dajjal to arrive….I mean really. Well, you all have a long wait….because, he don't supposed to turn up until he is forgotten about.

  11. The thing is Christians have dug their own graves, they were a time when such disgusting acts like homosexuality ,same sex marriages blasphemy etc etc the Christians could point at Muslims and Jews saying "well they forbid those acts as well"
    But now they have been tricked by Satan they can no longer point to Muslims as they have foolishly labeled them terrorist
    So now when homosexuals or perverse disgusting people want same sex marriages or openly celebrate homosexuals and making it Against the law to say anything against the perverse lifestyles and now they want it to be compulsory to teach homosexual lifestyles in schools
    Christians have called Muslims terrorist so when homosexuals demand the disgusting act be taught in schools they can't say "Muslims forbid this" because Christians have been tricked by Satan which things will get worse to such an extent church's are empty Christians are either becoming Muslims or sadly atheists, the churches are being sold to Muslims to meet the demand even though more mosques are needed , this is the beauty of islam unlike Christianity God almightys words cannot be changed or altered to please Satan, we the Muslims don't care what non-muslims call us we only care what God almighty calls us … God is great

  12. happening now in malaysia. the state religion is Islam bt i feel like living in a kafir country. must get permission to adzan. the kafir and also many fucking Muslims are questioning and opposing the syariah law. it's hard to get a job or getting promoted if you're wearing hijab. the prime minister brought in communists so i expect communism will rule malaysia soon. i dont really blame the kafir because they are kafirs..we already know what kafirs are like. what disappoint me the most is that the malay Muslims seem to support whatever that is happening now. many malays now are kafir and they really are happy bout it. honestly i really do wanna chop their heads off because we are the bani tamim, we are born Muslims and should die as a Muslim. btw the prime minister also seems to support this so i hope he will rot in hell along with his bff bashar syaitan asad

  13. You gotta be kidding me! Just only pray, make a salah on the battle and this is it and is that how we going to confront to a powerful Dajjal? I honestly expected to see some serious opposing steps such as building the effective muslim banking system, be better educated or something else. So disappointed on Nouman Ali khan.

  14. say it all,we are been secretly persecuted for been muslims..some muslim women are now working for the elite ,they are used to poison the minds of
    the believer.may Allah protect us from evil bonds.

  15. Iblees had one sickness of hasad, Some humans(including Muslims) have multiple diseases of the nafs, People who have diseases of the nafs in abundance are actually dajjal even if they may be legal Muslims.

  16. Awesome content! Hamza Yusuf is the single most influential speaker with an incredible intellect! Nouman Ali Khan is also incredible! You included both of my favorite speakers and superb video- I am subscribing! :))) And congrats on the video!! Did you actually draw the content? If so- you must be an incredibly talented person! If u didn't- wonderful idea anyhow! Thank you 🙂

  17. I feel that Salah is the actual substance that brings us near Allah . The thing to do here is to be calm and forget about our businesses when in Salah . Are we all ready Inshaallah? Assalam Aleikum

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