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  1. There is no God and only fools follow cults! Religion is part of the man made delusions that has evolved from astrology to myth, to belief. Why? Because people are dumb scared children who think they need a mommy or a pretend friend to hold onto or to blame for their actions. It's all bullshit and the sooner you all realize that it's only us and the evil that we call the wealthy, who control the matrix of lies. Just live your true life. Don't live for others. Take responsibility for your actions and try not to to evil. We are all capable of it, key is to push negative energy out of your life and fill it with the things that truly inspire you. God is irrelevant in the age of information. Ignorance is a choice!

  2. I know a homeless man that keeps his insulin in a separate container that has a rope around it combined with a weight and keeps at the bottom of the Arkansas River . Retrieves it twice a day for his shots . That's pretty resourceful !

  3. Our government is worthless in this regard and every member of Congress needs to be imprisoned for their lack of preparation and the safety of the people. All transformers are made where? Yep…😃😗 you guessed correctly. US has become the Idiot Nation ruled by a worthless government.

  4. All Americans need to sign this petition:

  5. Can somebody answer me this…
    In the event of an EMP whether from an attack or from the sun would my electronics be safe in an underground bunker with 3 feet of overhead soil or would I still have to put them in a Faraday cage?

  6. Will attaching a heavy duty cable to your vehicle and to a 6 to 8 foot grounding rod help to protect your vehicle from an E.M.P. A no. 6 A.W.G. welding wire ????

  7. Lmao farmlands will be the only safe haven for everyone under the EMP threat. Sure the machinery aids farmers in mass crop collection but that doesn't mean that they will suffer any losses due to an electro magnetic pulse bomb being dropped. They already grow their own food and have cattle, they can continue growing crops and tending to their cattle, poultry, etc even after the attack. The Amish have it best since they really don't rely on tech to live. I think its better to save up now for a plot of land to have your farm on for future safe haven and just live the way we were meant to live in the first place. Every new advancement in technology will simply be used as a weapon by power hungry idiots in the government for their own shitty wars. That's why I don't even care for the new technology out now, a single EMP bomb can easily fry all of it, I'd rather spend my money on survival than more useless tech.

  8. Simply put: UPDATE TO SPLIT THE ATOM OR NO Nuclear weapons are known for their complete destruction of their nucleus. Unlike atoms of all kinds their nucleus disintegrates. That is the first thing that happens in a nuke explosion. Thus there is no nucleus. To make Electromagnetic radiation both the nucleus and the electrons work together. Except that when the nuclear weapon blows up its nucleus it destroys any possibility of making electromagnetic rediation. Thus there will be no EMP -ever. Dr. Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

  9. Fearmongers , all is good with the world….you've been hearing this carp for years. Nothing……p panic prepare. Panic prepare………..get on with life

  10. Take a look at these products for EMP protection and renewable energy devices.

  11. Should a solar flare take out a good chunk of our electrical grid, as far as (data) is concerned: purchase an USB external hard drive that can hold at least 1 Terabyte or more. Photos are easy to transfer and these drives are fairly compact and affordable plus you can save all your data, pictures, etc., (then) place that drive in a Faraday Defense EMP Bag (sold online) and wait for power to come back on. It's a lot easier than printing everything, IMO, but you still may want to print out some of your favorite photos as a back up.

  12. The video was a good start. There are obviously lots of other recommendations that could be made but you really hit the highlights in this short presentation. Good job.

  13. If we were hit by an EMP that shut down the whole electric grid you have nothing to worry about besides praying. If an EMP shut down the grid it would take months to get it up and running again if we did not have nuclear power plants. Why do I say that? A nuclear power plant can take months to safely shut down. The power plant needs power that whole time to shut down. Even though the plant has two weeks worth of diesel fuel to power backup shut down systems this will not be enough. With the whole grid down and hundreds of plants in shut down, fuel supply logistics would be nearly impossible. After the two weeks having no diesel generator backup shutdown fuel the plant will begin to go into meltdown. With hundreds of power plants going into full meltdown at the same time what makes anyone think that you have a chance? Why do you think the elite is buying property in the southern hemisphere? The entire northern hemisphere will be a nuclear wasteland. Very little mixing of air currents happens at the equator and the southern hemisphere will be habitable. Hence 90% death rate. All the prepping in the world can't save you only God can. P.S> A large solar flare can do the exact same damage at any moment. Look up the "Carrington Event" It's happened before and it will happen again.

  14. plz ppl no one is going to launch JUST an EMP attackAS you should well know emp's are a byproduct of nuclear bombs so protecting your electronics and building this faraday cage and that faraday cage wont do shit because youll be dead by blast or if not radiation sickness-nasty stuff:)

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