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  1. Cool, I love long-distance cycling 🙂 Its all an adventure for sure. I just wrote a book myself about my own long distance cycle adventure through Western Europe, 5000K, called Adventure and Cycle Touring, 5000K on a Bike to Gibraltar, the Story of and Adventurous Spirit and Life on the Road, I add the link here. Hope its fine, let me know otherwise 🙂 All the best! Erik

  2. I did an east to west transcontinental tour in 1982 on a new-ish Schwinn Super Sport ("touring' class bicycles didn't really exist then). I planned it out pretty well. Made it from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Santa Barbara, California in about 50 days. (I stopped in Ashtabula, Ohio and Denver, Colorado for several days visiting family and friends.) Most problems were due to wanting to cover too much territory and not taking time off out of the saddle during the ride. But I learned. I'm planning, and the wife is on board with the idea, of crossing the country in a 2018 by loosely following the Mississippi River from north to south.

  3. I have never cycled long distance in my life, I'm starting this week. How far should I start doing, at what pace and how often? Any advice is appreciated because I'm a complete noob to it

  4. I really disliked how the bike handled with the paniers. Next time I am going to tryout a backpack and take only the most necessary things and not 100 T-Shirts. And already have mudguards :D.

  5. There is an answer to non stop ass pain. Buy a recumbent. I've cycled across the States twice, New Zealand three times, Australia, India, Europe – on some of the best 'conventional' bicycles and usually suffered a bit of ass pain, neck pain and general fatigue at the end of the day. I now have an HP Velotechnik Street Machine; widely regarded as the best fast tourer available. It's incredibly comfortable (great seat and suspension), provides a great view, no neck pain and carries a ton of stuff. And don't believe that nonsense about being unable to climb hills. If you want to do 100 mile days in comfort get a Street Machine or an Easy Racers Tour Easy.

  6. haha she busted her pussy on the seat. Guess he won't be getting laid for this tour since the bike finished the job lol

  7. Can't WAIT to get going.  Just got to wait for the geriatric dog to shuffle off this mortal coil.  Long Live Syd.

  8. Cool channel,
    I bike US / NZL/ and Australia with more than Kilometers 20 years ago – best hint : Forget about your preparation – have fun – save Money- do not spend it 🙂 – extend your ride.
    We arrived back in Germany with 15 Kilos each,  including bike and tent and 5 Aussie Dollars left in our pockets – I still use the bike for my daily ride to the Office. Planning the next ride when I ritere ( hopefully soon :-))

  9. also is buying things from wallmart a good idea? its really the only play i can really aford.. anywhere else i could have to save alot of cash for simmler items.

  10. my thing is i dont know what to take other then tent and food and sleeping thingy. but i dont think i have to have a spair tire i have a foam tire for a risen. im fat and i popped my other thick heavy duity tire. (250lb)

    oth then that dont know much. im in  AZ dont know forms to look into or join since im a gamer geek and this is my first time doing something this exstream.  i have camped before (when i was younger lots and in scouts.. and i do walk at times 2 miles (3 times or more a week.. my back tire stoped pushing when i peddle dont know why.)

  11. First get used to your nonstop ass pain. No matter what kind of seat you have, it will hurt! Guaranteed. 😀

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