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  1. Why would you recommend having formula if you're intending to breast feed? I'm in Canada and it is not recommended by health care practitioners to bottle feed at the same time as it can impede an infant's natural ability to breast feed.

  2. Cloth diaper are so much better than store bought diapers!
    SO much Healthier and saves lot's of money so you can afford other things for the baby! 😁👍

  3. i love these videos I watched these when I was pregnant an still do now lol … why? not sure but I do like them guess that's why haha

  4. I'm due at April 2
    im watching this to get prepared.. but what else do I have to bring and how many?? this is my first baby girl

  5. I would want to disagree with anyone taking pacifiers with them. If you want to nurse you should let tha baby do so how often it wants in the beginning. This will level out over time. And if you want to bottlefeed you should do so with the help and guidence of staf at the hospital and with special bottles. The procedure of bottlefeeding is more laborsome than one might think. I've done both and my advice is go for boob if you can! The benefits are endless.

  6. I've raised my brothers and cousins, bit now I'm having a lil girl, and I am freaking out! she's already in her third trimester!

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