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  1. Is this Malanga leaf? Does it give off a root starch that can be eaten? If so I have tons in my back yard. Would love to try them out if these are it.

  2. Thanks for this video. I have Xanthasoma growing and did not know how to cook it. I now know to use the young, tender leaves and how to cut it up.

  3. To prevent itching while cleaning taro leaves ,just deep your hand in vinegar each time. When cooking add a little tamarind .

  4. thankyou! Ive being trying to cook this for the second time and it cam eout really tough, i forgeot abou tthe mature one wont cccok well even in pressure ccoker .

  5. Hey Chris,I love all your recipes and have tried quite a few,I noticed you peel the calalooo bush stem or taro but my Sis told me that you throwing away ball the Iron nutrients ,so just an idea as per choice.

  6. Hi, chris I really love all your cooking videos…I am Liberian (West African), we cook a dish called Potatoes Leaves. I will love to see you cook and try this dish, it's really nice and has lots of flavor. You can also add any meats or seafood of your choice to this dish. I have the complete recipe for this dish and I can email it to you. By the way, I have a good friend from Trinidad and she loves this when I make it for her.

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