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  1. Can get "Colossal King Crab Legs" at Meijer (a chain grocery store) in Dayton OHIO! Any time I want it! What the hell is he talking about that you can't get it anywhere? They are HUGE and AWESOME!

  2. Sadly prices have gone up tremendously in the last couple years…. 2017 now and when you hit the website, you might be disappointed….

  3. Yes $45 per pound with free overnight shipping. Great Alaska seafood have email daily deals where you save $40 – Hundreds of dollars and free overnight delivery from Alaska. One place wanted $499 for ten lbs of Colossal King Crab Legs plus $175 overnight shipping. When we order anything from Great Alaska Seafood we always get that Wow effect when we open up the box of seafood. Always fresh and Yummy Sockeye Salmon, Wild Sweet Shrimp and offer so much more. Thumbs up to everyone at Great Alaska Seafood, Your the best.

  4. Have been on your website and looking to order but have not yet, I was thinking "are these legs truly as colossal as the pictures shown? am I getting what is in the picture or is that a bait and switch? well the video definitely eases my mind but please, we get that you're trying to sell your goods but can we not have your number and logo splashed every 30 seconds? It's like this weird subliminal message and makes me not want to buy your product on principle. Either have it at the end of your video (after people are enticed by the gigantic colossal crab legs) or have it on the bottom of the screen for the entire time "Order now at 800- blah blah" and visit website at: blah blah. Makes for much happier viewing AND your information is on the screen the entire time! all those cuts to the info are jarring to a viewer. Good luck and looks like you have a great product.

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