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  1. Looks so delicious. What kind of mustard is that – hot English? Also, would horseradish cream work the same magic? i know it goes brilliantly with trout.

    Going to stare into the fridge now…

  2. He said the fillets were boneless but you could hear the bones snapping as he was cutting through them, and see them when in the frying pan..

  3. Scott..its time to stop the mustard…
    Neither mustard or ketchup are allowed at the kitchen (if you want to be considered a serious cook, not a joke)

  4. Herring wasn't fresh could tell that by the redness on the head and around the eyes also looked like trawled herring you want to have drift netted herring and as for cooking in cooking oil always cook fish in beef dripping can't beat it

  5. You can keep telling us you are not a chef, but with every video I watch, I start doubting more and more you are a chef.
    I would really love to see some more "mussels, clams, cockles" videos, like foraging, cooking and eating.
    Thanks again Scott, a really nice light summer dish!


  6. Yum, thank you for showing us how to prepare the fish….i can catch lots of these myself (we call them mullet) but didn't think they were that great for eating, so now, yay, I don't have to buy the expensive unethically caught stuff they sell here.

  7. Those gooseberries are huge! What variety are they, I'd like to grow some here in the Vermont. We have pea-sized ones.

  8. Dude,…kalifornia here,….you got me interested in cooking again,…I like to hunt,…now I have a straight forward way to prep and cook what I catch,…appreciate you converting everything to American temp and weight standards, rock.

  9. My Polish wife and I love your videos. If you're ever coming to Boston, USA, let us know. We have a nice guest room you can use.

  10. Do you know what the US equivalent of porridge oats would be? We have no less than 1000 oat (oatmeal) varieties it seems. There's instant oatmeal, steel-cut oats, Scottish oatmeal, rolled oats, and more recently "whole-grain" oats (I'm not kidding).

  11. you left the guts in before cutting bits off?
    Should start with the guts and descaling… otherwise as you had you end up with gut juices on the meat that make it bitter…
    Good job otherwise

  12. Sadly each time I've bought fresh herring it seems to stink and deteriorate like mush by the time I get home. A real shame because they are massivley abundant and cheap. I love kippers and always want a good supply of fish but no super market can offer this..

  13. I have two questions,
    #1- What does fresh Herring taste like? Is it a strong flavored fish or is it mild? I have never seen it in any grocery market where I live, other than the salted kind in a jar.
    #2- What are Goose berries? Are they in the same family as a Grape?
    Thanks for any help!

  14. Being scared of heat and smoke while frying is a funny, but very natural thing. Once you step over the line and actually do it, you discard it like you'd discard a fear of swimming without your feet touching the bottom.

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