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  1. What did you use for the rocket to enable it to launch because I'm trying to make my own rocket launcher and I'm looking for the best engine/fuel for it to go really high

  2. In my years of model rocketry, no one used those fancy ignitor plugs, waste of MONEY AFAIC, unless they come with the motors. A tiny ball of wading paper stuffed into end of engine to hold ignitor in was all we used. I also bent each end of ignitor lead into a "U" makes a much larger contact surface for clips

  3. I've bought an Estes taser model rocket and I'm 12 , it's my first launch and I'm really exited the launch is tomorrow and I still haven't built it ( waiting for glue ) so my parachute is different to the one it originally came with its just got one string and netting connecting the cord to the parachute and it doesn't fit so I'm really nervous is there any tips or advice you could give me

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