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  1. 47 dollars for an avocado? I guess for a kilo? Man! It's cheap here. 2-3usd for a kilo of avocado. 🇵🇭

    Maybe it's imported? It's easy to grow an avocado tree. I think itll live in florida since kinda tropical there.

  2. Don't take this as an insult or be discouraged by it, but I actually found this funny than most of your stand up (I've always been more of a sketch guy though) I like seeing that you can be funny without being over the top energetic. Also, sketches provide a whole different kind of humor that stand up can't have (mainly in the editing). Anyways, keep it up man!

  3. You man. You are a legend. Your comedy is different and thats what makes you funny AF! Keep it up bro..

    BTW would you like to be ma personal chef 😃

  4. Hey does anyone remember this……. FLASH BACK!!!!

    There's some bernt or black chips some people shoot them… um I mean some people throw them away……………………. but NOT ME! I KEEP THEM!…… and I like them…….😏

    Lol XD 😂😂😂😂😆
    Like if you remember!

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