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  1. My grandma says, "Never use plastic dispensers or utilities." Plastic, especially clear plastic, releases a chemical known as BPA… when heated the BPA disperses into the food… BPA is especially disruptive to the young mother and unborn child. It is also dangerous to small children… For adults, over twenty, BPA is said not to be harmful. But, in the kitchen and dinning room, we never use plastics for any reason. Do an Internet search on BPA (bisphenol A: an epoxy ether) and see what you find. Of course, it may have been removed by the powers-that-be… BPA is a known birth control chemical in use world-wide for about forty years. BPA is a hydrocarbon molecule related to oil, natural gas, gasoline and oil-additive products.

  2. I am Omar Larrazabal from Venezuela, and I need to talk to Miss Qiuling,
    , Who I understand has a chain of restaurants called "Beijing roast duck".
    It is difficult to contact people from America to China, so I thank you if this restaurant belongs to the young woman indicated, let you know the content of that email
    Thank you very much

  3. This is probably the best instructional for a Chinese roast duck. I am trying out tonight putting the duck tomorrow in the oven.
    Got everything from the market but literally struggled to get a pack of five spices. Hoping for the best. Gressingham duck is what I have in the freeze.

  4. One comment that ducks are cute.
    Five hundred comments from pissy crybabies railing against vegans/vegetarians that aren't even watching.
    Typical comment section.

  5. First, I doubt whether this is your own cooking…

    Second, this is not PEKING DUCK, mamami ya! we do not use any kind of spices or herbs for PEKING DUCK, we do not use hoisin sauce for PEKING DUCK, OMG, we just do not have that sauce in BEIJING cuisine.
    This is CANTONESE style roast duck.

    Third, the duck is a failure, I can tell that the skin is not crispy enough.

  6. I think it's too much of effort. Maybe it's just me and I don't love cooking enough. China town isn't that far away or even Chinese supermarkets all around and it's so easy to just go and buy a cooked one.

  7. Wouldn't it be easier if you substitute the boiling water with what you would glaze it with afterwards? So instead of boiling it in water than putting the honey glaze mizture on it just boil the glaze mizture and tighten the skin it that instead of water.

  8. how they killed it?? it seems that it has all its blood in it and blood is a medium used for bacterial growth in microbiology labs so best if it was slaughtered In the muslim way of doing it its called halal food if first remembered God and his name on it to relax it a little and like saying to the lawful to eat animal the permission is from God the merciful
    and you will like not feel a thing hopefully by the name of your lord although your time
    like came to an end

  9. Total perfection & dedication in the art of cooking…Although expensive (now I understand why), this has to be my all time favourite dish, the flavours are awesome…

  10. Eat Bejing Duck, if you travel to China. It's not comparable to any so-called "Chinese restaurants" here in Europe.

  11. I don't know if it's just me but does this music seem to make this look sad. weird music choice kind of creepy actually.

  12. I always had trouble over cooking this. I can never seem to cook the skin crispy enough even though I dried it for hours already? Any tips?

  13. I have to comment on the Negative Comments here….. Before I went Vegan, I had Chinese Roast Duck a few times in Chinatown and it was really good. Now I am Vegan,…. I no longer eat Meat, but I DO NOT knock the People who does. I think everyone has the Rights to make His or Her own choices. I chose mine and NO ONE made me go Vegan. I did it because I just got sick eating meat (especially Chicken) that is all. For ALL the People who is against People eating WHAT THEY WANT, especially MEAT… You all can go to Hell !!! Don't use Religions and ALL the CRAP that you believe in and RAM down People's throat. Maybe use that energy and check in the Mental Hospital instead.

  14. 食在中华。外国的烹饪只怕香辛料放得太少,不知吃的是啥味道。中国饮食追求的是原汁原味,这才是中国菜的精髓。

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