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  1. OMG, please, delete this video, it is offensive for salvadoran food and culture. Pupusas are way different!!!

  2. Culinary Institute of America? Thats not a Pupusa!, That guy is frying dough with chips inside and beans? IT LOOKS LIKE A BAD JOKE!

  3. what kind of crap is this? Pupusas don't require this much effort when making. They aren't shaped like that and there shouldn't be chunks of meat in them. This isn't a pupusa at all!

  4. This is a shame to my country this is now you make a Salvador pupusas this is very lazy and you don't put it at the fryer

  5. That is not a pupusa you morons! That's more like pastelitos haha!
    Despite the other comments, I don't think this is an insult for me and my country, but you should investigate before trying to cook a foreing dish to avoid to look like authentic idiots, good try though haha!

  6. What a disgrace to the Salvadorian people!!!! Your chef has absolutely NO idea.. the dumb-ass just made a empanada, NOT PUPUSA, you retards!

  7. OMG!!! You've got to be kidding!!! This video is an insult! If you are a chef trying to make international cuisine you should at least investigate how the dish is made… Martha Stewart got it right…. I am a Salvadorean chef and I find this very insulting to our culture and our country… please remove this video!

  8. This is a FUCKING JOKE !!!! That is NOT how pupusas are made !!!!! Every single thing he did was WRONG !! This video needs to be removed.

  9. bahahaaaa is this a joke!!!!!?? that is NOT how we make pupusas! not even close to what crust should look like. lol

  10. I cannot believe this guy, my fiancé is Salvadorian and I am Panamanian, even I know that this idiot made them wrong!!! Where is the curtido? Pork rinds? Whole beans? What an idiot!!!

  11. Heyyy HEYYYYY!!!1 what in hell its that?….. that thing its not a pupusa, is totally on a wrong way, since the the beginning to the end, this video really offend  a real pupusa, if you dont know ababout how make a real salvadorean food PLEASE dont make any fool idea from somebody who says I CAN………please PLEASEEE search on google PUPUSAS go to the pictures section and YOU WILL SEE what a PUPUSA is. PLEASE remove this video or at least change the tittle from el salvadoran PUPUSAS to a HOW TO MAKE A CRAZY IDEA AND CREATE A WHOLE NEW PLATE ON HE KITCHEN    

  12.  The worst chef i've ever seen ._. and his english is what makes it even funnier. I'm salvadoran and i can't stop laughing at this!

  13. Que ofenza para el pueblo salvadoreno parece un pastel de los que venden en las esquinas de cualquier colonia a una pupusa y que lo hagan en tv es aun mas ofencivo

  14. Epicurious Gentlemen, please do better things that are bad for everyone, that is not, please correct it must be done well, my mother can help if you like! makes them great in your business!, this is like saying the fried chicken is made with pork! what they did is more a pie.

  15. Señores Epicurious, por favor hagan mejor las cosas por que quedan muy mal para todos, eso no se hace, por favor corrijan hay que hacerlo bien, mi madre puede ayudarles si gustan! ellas las hace estupendas en su negocio!, esto es como decir el pollo frito se hace con Cerdo! lo que hicieron es mas una empanada.

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