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  1. I have ghee and hash. Do I just mixed the two on a steady fire as per the video recommends, or do I need to decarboxylate first?

  2. I can't see how double boiling can get the oil hot enough for decarbing in such a short time. Do hash and kief require a much lower temperature than bud?

  3. I have two questions so i put the hash into the second pot with oil in it and let iit sit? and can i just take it by it's self or do i have to use it in food?

  4. never heard of heating the alcohol, effectively burning it off and still calling it a tincture when the preserving properties have been burnt off… I make herbal tinctures (non cannabis. specifically, but have also made kief tinctures. I never use heat).
    gonna maje my dad some treats with a grip of kief I have fir Christmas. thanks.

  5. Looks pretty simple. I have a bad pulminay issue, and very diminished capacity, most edibles are either no effect or I get baked out of my mind, (and body). I hope the dose is like a teaspoon or so, I used 8 g bubble to 2/3cup of coconut oil,and a little honey to help on straight comsumption. Please , let me know, its looking pretty heavy at the bottom, but dont strain, Right?. Thanks

  6. Can you tell me an easy way to decarb bubble hash to put into canola oil? I tried doing it the same way I do kief, but I think it was burned in the process.

  7. is this already decarb material?? because of you want the proper effects you must decarb your material before to release the thc before decarbing you are only cooking with thcd. heating the material releases the thc you want for the proper high. I have been cooking with butter oil and adding it direct to the food.
    I make medical infused edibles for patients where I live.
    if you don't decarb the plant material you are just waisting good material.

  8. Does preparing the magic honey cause a lot of aroma from the kief? I dont want my kitchen smelling like weed after making magic honey.

  9. Depending what stains you use for creating keif depends what high you get…. If you use only pure indicas you get the sleepy affect.. If you use pure sativas you get Energetic high.. And if you use hybrids you get both high…That's is why I have 3 grinders… Both I'm more of a indica person…

  10. I have charas ,it's Indian Hash( similar to the black afghan variety,only more potent) kinda like malana cream.
    I don't have an oven at home.
    How do I Decarb it to infuse it with some honey ?

  11. Hey there all. I am a medical marijuana patient from California who was arrested in Las Vegas for attempting to supply my extra grown meds to a delivery service in Las Vegas. I have never been in trouble with the police before as this was my first offense (non-felon) and unfortunately the D.A is offering me nothing but a Felony. Hired an attorney (Garret T. Ogata) who unfortunately did nothing to help. I know they offer alternative programs like diversion programs so this will eventually be wiped off my record, but unfortunately I am not being offered that. Is there anyone out there that can possibly offer me any help or advice in this matter? As unfortunately the cops are entrapping medical marijuana patients by setting up ads online saying they need mmj suppliers for their businesses, only to arrest them. Please if anyone can offer any assistance I would be highly grateful as I am desperate to find help. Thank you.

  12. Thanks Mona lisa it is a great video… I am not very clear on the honey though: Do you start the process by heating honey and kif and then add some raw honey, or do you start with the fat and kif mix and then add raw honey? Thanks

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