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  1. It's a myth that letting a steak sit outside the refrigerator for 20 minutes will bring it to room temperature. After 20 minutes the steak's internal temperature will only have risen about 1 degree fahrenheit. 

  2. Step 6, Sear the steak, that's fine and really important, however, that does NOT seal anything in neither flavor nor moisture. Done properly it just causes whats called the Malliard-reaction that makes the bitter notes of the proteins to recombine in to more appealing flavors, Visually it also gives you that "caramelized surface" (it's what happens before it burns). It's step 10 (resting the meat), that makes the meat moist and full of flavor as long as it's not too dry. (If or when you seared it too much).

  3. Yes, I have my Angus Top Cut Sirloin Steak, and I my skillet is ready to prepare.  This is going to be delicious.  Thank You  I usually use the lesser cut meats and have to slow cook in the oven, but a brother is hungry and I need my meat ready in minutes.

  4. What you interpret as "debatable" is the nature of Human (Homo Sapien Sapiens) Digestive Physiology "today". That the early hominids that are our ancestors, having moved out of Sub-Saharan Africa and became omnivores is not under debate. Gorillas outgrow Humans by three times, but why do they retain smaller brains?
    Science? See Research Article: "Multiple Determinants of Whole and Regional Brain Volume among Terrestrial Carnivorans" (Swanson E.M., et al, University of Lethbridge, Canada, 2012)

  5. No, it is debatable! You're reiterating what someone else told you, and I'm assuming that you're no scientist, not qualified to make that assertion, or don't even understand the science behind what you're saying. There are plenty of scientists that insist we're omnivores, and there are plenty of scientists that insists that we're herbivores. I'm no expert, and we have conflicting views from well qualified experts, so I abstain from having an opinion until further evidence is provided.

  6. The last part isn't "debatable", so you can't dismiss it. If our hominid ancestors from Australopithecus on up to Homo Erectus hadn't evolved from eating mostly-plants as Apes still do, they wouldn't have been able to evolve and sustain all that brain power that comes from being carnivores. All mammalian predators are smarter than their prey. Big Brains burn lots of calories, and consuming meat provides that.

  7. Hmm .. i got question , i didn't eat steak before in my whole life . i mean beef steak . not lamb .. does the blood taste good when on medium rare ? some of my friends say it tasty . but to me it's kinda gross to drink the bloody juice flowing out from a pink uncooked-like steak .

  8. Has some good points but the digital voice is most annoying WaysandHow….oh, boy….I'll just mute and watch and read….#goodgracious

  9. That last part is debatable, and honestly I'm not sure if I'll win that debate so I'll just dismiss it. As for the rest, you have a good point. You could just eat less meat to solve the problem (a lot less meat, but still), I guess that's where ethics comes in. You see we don't need to eat meat to sustain a healthy lifestyle so why should we when it has been shown to hurt the environment, hurt the animals, and produce less food for all? It's an outdated system that needs to be abolished.

  10. No you see I have two accounts. This one where I lied about my age so I can see every YouTube video, and another account which is the one you saw where I posted my real age, but because I'm not 18 yet I'm not allowed to watch every YouTube video that I desire which is why I have this account. Sorry for the confusion.

  11. Veganism might be better for the planet, but so would selling my car and riding my bike 20 miles to work and I'm not gonna do that. If the American diet is unsustainable, why is the answer eliminating meat entirely instead of just eating less of it? People aren't starving because because there isn't enough food, they are starving because they don't have access to food because they live in third world countries with poor infrastructure. Our bodies are designed for omnivorous diets.

  12. You replied to my comment under a different username with this exact same reply and then deleted the original comment? Are you making multiple accounts to upvote your own comments?

  13. If you're talking about dietary ethics, I think you are talking about more of a moral area than a strictly logical one. I can understand how someone would find it immoral to eat meat, but I don't really see how they would find it illogical. Personally, I have nothing against vegans, actually most of my family is vegan and I have eaten quite a bit of vegan food, I just haven't yet heard an argument convincing enough to sway me from eating meat. But that doesn't mean I'm not listening.

  14. Oh, I did read the comment you were responding to before responding, and I didn't assume that you can't think logically. You're probably a very logical person in numerous areas, but I believe your diet isn't one of them.

  15. Thanks for assuming that I'm incapable of thinking logically because of a comment I made on Youtube. Read the comment that my comment was in reply to in order to see the context of my statement. I understand why vegans such as yourself would watch a steak video (just a helpful hint, seitan cooking times are very different from steak times so you're better off googling proper seitan recipes), but what I don't understand is the desire to make antagonistic comments like the one I replied to.

  16. I'm a vegan and I'm watching steak videos because I wanted to learn how to grill a vegan steak (seitan) on a stove top because I don't have a grill. Also, I became a vegan through YouTube comments since I love to think logically, and if my previous misconceptions don't hold up I'll change instead of doing what you and the majority of others do and either use arguments riddled with logical fallacies, ignore the vegan's arguments, or admit they're wrong, yet still don't make a change.

  17. Whatever you link me is irrelevant, nothing but childish ways to ignore the truth.

    Humans are omnivorous, there is nothing you or anyone else can do to change that, it's a fact about our species.

    Face the truth instead of living a lie.

  18. Humans are meat eaters, no matter how much you vegetarians / vegans want to think otherwise. You're being incredibly naive, deal with it.

  19. Why the fuck are there so many vegans and vegetarians watching steak videos and trolling with stupid comments? If you don't eat meat, just eat your vegetables and shut the fuck up about it. Nobody has ever been converted to veganism by a youtube comment, so what are you really trying to do? If you're just trying to piss people off and incite arguments, than get off your holier than thou high horse, you're just being an asshole.

  20. Fuck you, you wouldn't know what is natural or not. Just because YOU don't eat meat on an everyday basis doesn't mean shit.

    Stick to sucking dick and leave the rest for men.

    Mother of all aliens, I hate it when dumb ass stupid college sluts actually believe their opinion on a matter is actually correct. Human's "naturally" ate out of necessity, our main source of energy is protein, why do you think vegans need to find a replacement for the lack of meat in their diet.

  21. Couple of tips to prevent the grey steak these instructions would yield. 1. Do not salt your steak before cooking, use another herb or garlic that will not draw moisture to the skin of the steak which will just steam it. 2. Make sure the steak is at room temperature and is bone dry on the surface. 3. you will know when your pan is hot enough when the water beak does not sizzle but just dances on your pan remaining a drop. 4. Add butter to your pan for a great crust.

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