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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your idea.  I enjoyed your video and learned a few things.  Too bad there are always a FEW egocentric individuals who feel others are interested in their negative comments. 

  2. I do the same thing in a dutch oven to keep things from sticking while I am away from camp. Put the dutch oven a in the ground and cover it up with a piece of tin in case the wind comes along. Great way to cook. Good Video!

  3. Brilliant-We've lost so much knowledge it is so generous of you to share.This is something I will remember.I am actually ashamed at how much I don't know and how dependant I am in so many ways on gadgets&appliances.I am trying to change this-Thanks for your video.

  4. Yes but would you have thought of it & how to execute it over an open fire?I am familiar with the two cooking methods you described-many people are-But to be able to apply it to open fire cooking?-You disrespect long forgotten methods of survival cooking. Souffle? Yeah right.

  5. well, it's simply a hot water bath, like you use for melting chokolate or making soufflés or sauce hollandaise, right? no rocket-science.

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