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  1. Beautiful! Your Nonna, reminds me of mine, but I don't understand how that's not chewy, I always simmer it for 30 to 45 mins and then grill or saute, is there something I'm missing here? Is it the way they tenderized it, that I'm not doing?

  2. personally I really can not stand the thick italian accent. please just speak italian than get a real english speaking person to translate or use subtitles.
    The accent is annoying.
    And also speed things up, we could have done with out the intro about nonnas history.
    if you want to do a biography about nona than just do that and title it accordingly, don't just stick it in the recipe assuming that every body is interested and wants to hear about nona.
    the main reason people are watching your post is to learn how to cook a specific recipe, and thats that, the rest just sounds like advertisement on the radio which has a habit of getting people to change the channel.
    sorry if this sounds negative, just being honest

  3. I am so glad I found you. Lol. I was looking for a nice way to cook octapus. I love squid and now this.mmmm. thanks for sharing

  4. Ñeh,i think the recipe was awsome and she did it well,idk people get nervios on camera and still she did it good,nice job Rossella 😀

  5. stick a tooth pick through the thickest part if it goes in and out with almost no resistance it is ready otherwise too many variables to give exact time. larger ones take more time. don't worry about over cooking cause it just becomes softer.

  6. I can't understand what the hell the old lady trying to say ….. The GIRL really help a lil. But it looked good

  7. I cook my octopus for 30 to 45 mins and sometimes longer. When I do it this style I keep cutting a bit and tasting it so I know if its too tough and raw or becoming over cooked. All octopus are different sizes so its hard to give the exact timing.

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