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  1. This jolllof rice recipe looks soo delicious! I also have a jollof rice recipe, please check it out if you have time. Thanks 😊

  2. Am not Nigerian but Liberian but I didn't understand the video it was too fast and big step by step and then the music wasn't help really trying to cooking something different.need more help

  3. your 1 is the best iv seen so far most africans on here are not adding crayfish and i think there crayfish is the key im a an english man but i like my food why dont a lot of africans add the crayfish an untie that i know adds the crayfish but a lot of people dont why please tell me sister

  4. I have been trying to remember how to make this for years since my Nigerian friend taught me, I am so glad that I came across this recipe, thank you so much. Easy to follow…I will be making this today!!!

  5. For the rice, what kind of rice do i use?
    you said to parboil the rice, what if the only rice i have is "parboiled rice" which kind should i buy?

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