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  1. you should never put mussels in fresh water. it kills them, if you cook them when they're dead which will take a few hours sitting in fresh water then you have a high risk of getting ill.

  2. i started working at an italian restaurant cooked the mussels and tasted them then i found out im alergic to mussels crap.

  3. Hi, I bought 5lb mussel at costco store as fresh alive but then how would you want them to store?

    is it best to freeze them or them alive as how?

  4. Useful vid. It annoys me though how many of them are 'open' when you buy a bag from the supermarket. Amost 1/3 of the ones were open of the ones I bought.

  5. Thank you for such a simple but very helpful video on cooking mussels. My daughter and I really love them. I cooked them for the first time today and they turned out wonderful!

  6. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada and mussels are a really common thing here, but I've never heard the oat trick! I'm definitely going to try that next time!

  7. Interested to see new faces on this channel but really annoying that the vids all went live at the same time flooding my subscription feed.

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