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  1. Wow, it's cool to see how difference they make food there compared to Asia. Food is one of the best thing to discover while you are in a foreign place!

  2. Very interesting to see how they made their food! I'd love to try it. Honestly how was the maize made seem stuff? It looked kind of doughy but good.

  3. I didn't know hostels have chefs! that's pretty cool that they showed you how they make the food. is it traditional that you wash your hands like that at the dining table? or did they not have a bathroom? ah, i see you eat with no utensils. the food looks so good!

  4. Now every time I think about Malawi, I'll feel hungry! Thanks for the culinary delight (although I need to eat it in place to make sure it's that nice!

  5. I was expecting you to start cooking in your kitchen idk why BUT NO. BAM SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LOCAL CUISINE. And the locals seem so friendly!

  6. So good to enjoy something so authentically local to the region, prepared and explained by a local chef. This would be so interesting to try to make. Great video on a yummy dish with a Malawi twist.

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