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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't approve negative comments because I'm here to help people learn and be successful in life and not feed into negative behavior. I have a good heart I will always help & teach a stranger I don't have to know you, but I feel like growing up in life some people not going to tell people or show them how to do this & do that they will tell you I don't know when they know. I'm asking from the goodness of my heart don't always be negative & criticize people that are helping you. Stay positive you all will make it long as I'm on earth I will help & show you guys how to be successful. I love my fans I don't have many, but one day I will if you all have any questions message me or comment. I'm very honest if I don't specialize in or know something about the industry you are in I will tell you I don't know, but I will research it for you. Thanks again LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL:-)

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