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  1. Thank you guru bhai my son is 10 years he was having throhd porabalm pls show the daeit he was suffring from 9 years pls sir

  2. kindly tell me the brand name of good quality whole grain brown rice please,, i live in india..actually m suffering from gerd or acid reflux problem thats y i want to ask u because i get very thin day by day already loosen 20kgs n now i am 30kgs only please help me dear.

  3. guru maan can i take 3 times a day brown rice for muscle building and same tume for fat loss is it work for both at a time plz let me know thanks

  4. Dear Guru mann Sir, My name is Abhishek and I'm one of the followers of your. I have been following your program and videos that always increase my understanding and knowledge about body building nutrition and workout. You are doing great! Thank you to you sir. Since you are my personal trainer, I wanna ask you about your advice for the situation I'm facing right now. I have been following your Muscular 8 program from last 3 months but I left it in the middle as because my exam was there. After the exam I was unfocused but people around told me that I have become lean. Thanks to you! I told everyone about you "Gurumann sir ki kripa hai :)". Now I have a lean body. The problem is I don't get enough from the food I eat here in pg. So I have decided to take supplements. But confused about what should I take? I don't know what is BCAA, Amino, whey protein, isolate, creatine, steroid and so on? Please make a video on this explaining what are these and how can one use it.As you are the personal trainer,please do reply sir! Thank you once again

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