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  1. if you want to eat healthy make dinner at home. Butter salt fat adds flavor. when people go out to eat give them what they really want

  2. non stick pans, thanks for the chemicals, fried it, thanks for the bad cholesterol lol
    maybe ill eat this like once a year

  3. In the college I've been taught there's no prove of cholesterol level increases in healthy people by taking 3-4 eggs/day depending the size. Here's one free article!divAbstract

  4. Yes that WOULD be the case if he was using a frying pan in aluminium, stainless steel etc, which is most common today, but he seems to be using a classic cast iron pan, and if you've actually done much cooking you would know that using metal forks/spatula etc in cast iron pots and pans is PERFECTLY FINE as long as you don't scratch it to pieces. There's a huge difference in this area between cast iron and the modern stuff.

  5. 3 big mistakes: 1. He used butter (1/4 of a cup of butter has over 400 calories. 2. He used a metal fork 3. He used a metal spatula. Both destroy stovetop pans.

  6. if you order a dish that involves eggs, you could always request that you want egg whites only, such as IHOP. you should really try it, the yolk is very bad for you

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