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  1. Tommy you are a facinating character! I enjoy watching your videos! You are so positive and I love it! Never change who you are!

  2. My old babysitter was blind and she used to cook me mac and cheese every time i came over and she always like put her hand on the stove to see if it was on and it was freaky

  3. I've heard of blind people who make symbol codes for different clothing / types of food / exc or use braille labels. I've been interested in blind accessibility since I had to learn to use a screen reader during a bout of light-sensitive day-long headaches. I love this channel.

  4. so shitty food to be honest… 🙁 I am a food lover and I think blind people should be eating the best stuff out there just because of the experience… You can't see or hear? Ok, fuck it – then eat the best stuff.

  5. Can I ask something with out trying to be rude at all? Do the tremors have to do with the blindness, or is that separate? BTW, love the positivity, man. Keep it up!

  6. You've gotta be pretty well in sync with your kitchen to cook blind.
    You know, it's kinda ironic that we're writing comments on here. How do you read comments if you're blind? How do you upload a youtube video if you're blind?!

  7. If you could see how that cow lived then died for your burger you'd think twice about eating it's muscle tissue. you really do not need that

  8. A blind man stumbles into a kitchen…
    He makes his food, enjoys it, and moves on with his life.
    Didn't expect THAT huh?

  9. I can't help but think about how Michael Scott from The Office injured his foot by stepping on his George Foreman grill!! Good thing tommy has his on the counter and not on the floor like Michael did lol

  10. I was genuinely worried about how we was gonna get the fries out without burning his hand….. I guess the existence of oven mitts slipped my mind for a sec

  11. he put that plug in the electric socket with such easy i dont know how many times i tried plugging something in the dark and i couldnt for the life of me

  12. He has such a beautiful personality this video nearly made me cry i swear … idek why, he's happy i should be too xD i guess i feel like i doesn't deserve to be blind. 🙁

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