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  1. I must say, I've been cooking Chitlin's for over thirty years, and I have never not added water. Very interesting. I will have to try that.

  2. Love the video! Never seen a bag or pale of so-called clean chittlins that didn't need more work. My momma use to say you can't eat everybody's chittlins.
    I'm with you on the slave food nonsense. I view it as being very resourceful plus I doubt if our free ancestors threw anything away.
    I don't drink anymore but you do it right with a lil taste of something on the side…momma use to sip on Chivas when fixin her chittlins…lol….Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh my, your recipes bring back so many memories! You cook like my Granny, I really never cared for the chitlins, but I am watching so I can cook it for my grandkids, they are into the old Southern foods, I made fried chicken livers and there wasn't any left (I cooked them in a cast iron skillet on the grill outside bcuz I hate liver!). Thank you!

  4. Daddy Cooks. Thank you for covering all the details beginning to end. cleaning, and cooking. Most important "Daddy Cooks" your cooking process explains Chittlings and Maws has enough water (Fluid), so theres no need over flood the pot with too much water. Thanks for including and clarifying history, traveling experiences, and religious lessons. You are on target. Im a retired Marine having had the privilege of traveling the world. The last time I had chittlings was my friend's wife (beautiful Latina) cooked the spanish version called "Porsole" The previous experience was in the Philippines Subic Bay, Olongapo. A spot called the Jungle. Anyway Big Momma Ladi, Cutta, Frenchi, Chicken, Ante Na', these all the family members that could cook Chittlins has all passed on to glory. Brought me back to my childhood days of South Central Los Angeles. My mother's family is from New Orleans, Louisiana and my Dad's family is from Pine Bluff Arkansas. This may explain the crazy names. huh So I was searching for the perfect video. Honestly Bro the openly beer drinking was an attention gainer. lol Bro I put my foot in it last night. Awesome job Daddy Cooks.
    from Big Larry Orlando Fl

  5. You are too good, great video. I use to clean 50 lbs of chitterlings with my grandmother. People don't realize it takes hrs. to clean chitterlings and hours to cook. So I say, if they don't contribute to the whole process of cleaning them, don't tell anyone your cooking them, just enjoy them yourself for all the labor that goes into them. You are exactly right when explaining how blacks came about eating chitterlings. My family came from Monticello, Macon, Georgia. Also a Jewish pastor once told me how the masters would give the slaves the lessor quality of the meat, but still the slaves lived longer then the slave owners. Again, great video, you have TV persona!

  6. Thank you so much for that brief introduction for those that are narrow minded or just simply uneducated!!! I enjoy my chitterlings during the winter months. I clean mine the exact same way. I don't eat everybody's chitterlings except my dad and grandmothers RIP.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Ok Daddy Cooks they came out perfect i will never use water again the only bad part a friend came ova and wanted a bowl lol.

  8. Ok cleaned my chittlens last night about to put them on now with no water like you said cant wait to see how they turn out

  9. I want a bowl fed ex to me Lol!!! Jkn
    You did an amazing job though. Next time I will not add any water maybe a ¼ cup of broth along with my seasonings and peppers. I wish
    Ashland KY sold Aunt Bessie but they don't. They do sell 'dirty' Uncle Louie's. So I just make sure they are squeaky clean. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  10. Hey Daddy,
    The Spanish people who live in the Pyrenees eat every part of the sheep. That includes a stew made of the intestine and stomach.
    Asians eat every part of any damn animal.
    Koreans eat dog like we eat chicken.
    Phillipinos eat rotten chicken eggs.
    So Daddy you do you.

  11. This will be my 2nd year making chitterlings this way and BOOM its awesome! I make some my way and my wife makes hers her way.

  12. oh and by the way,I didn't add vinegar before or after and it was super delicious. We all are still here living lovely and no one got sick.

  13. I tried this last year and it was to die for, before I tried it I called my father to ask/tell him about your method.He is too old school and told me not to do it. GOOD THING I Didn't listen to him……my family absolutely love it this way , I'm never ever never using water again and will past down this same recipe too my 10 year old daughter. (thanks so much). Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!!!

  14. Used your recipe last Thanksgiving . I have tried making chitterlings twice before but none came out like yours when I made them. Everybody loved them including myself won't try another recipe. Thank you!!!!

  15. Jamaican and food from Trinidad opened doors for me. Beef kidney, ox tail, snouts (tooters), tails… Man, good ass eating. I don't care who you are!!!!!!!!

  16. See… I knew you were a soldier. Damn man. Kuwait , I was at Taji in 2004. I could have used some good southern cookin. ….. Damnit!

  17. Raised in the ghetto
    Eating bad foods for survival
    But eatin soul food
    Will have you dead
    On arrival
    Hand on a rifle
    Other hand on a bible
    Strong as an ox
    But look at what you put inside you?
    We resilient beings
    Do the silliest things
    No better
    Then do better
    Cause that's what experience brings
    Break out of jail
    But can you break out of sickle cell?
    We say we livin well
    But we eatin hell

  18. So glad u saw it n not get offended! I saw u get off on ppl that talked about 'our' chittlins! Do ur thang daddy cooks! n be encouraged, cause u got skills! lv n Jesus, gmom

  19. I truly pray that you see this comment Daddy! I so enjoyed your video and you are def a clean cook!! Got gmom hungry 'like that'! lol…BUT! (always a but, right?) One thing that you missed is the old lady's remedy and flavor for ALL/ANY pork; and that is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! I am 67 (they say) lol…; and my gmom from the south and all the old lady's I know 'swear by the apple cider!!! Not only does it make pork taste great but also kills bacteria, etc. (look it up)…So, for that amount you made you should've used atleast 1 cup vinegar. THIS IS TRUTH, try it next time, k? i love your channel!! gmom Anita

  20. I'm going to make some today, I haven't had them in a couple of years…I just hate the cleaning part it's so time consuming if you make a large amount for a group of people but I love them

  21. Last time I had chitlins I was 4 and I said never again. My uncle used to have my grandmother cook him chitlins all the time and I'd avoid her house like the plague.

  22. we ate chittlins this past New Year's Day at my moms house. I bought some yesterday and was up until about 3am cleaning and washing. I had planned to cook them today but decided to wait until Sunday so I put them in the freezer and will follow your recipe even though I have cooked them plenty times in the past…….HOPE YOU AND THE FAMILY HAD A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. Man, I think you're a stand up character. Thank you for the comments you made telling people to "turn it off." So many people want to dictate other peoples lives. I myself ENJOY these types of food. Some of the best foods in the world come from poor people trying to make the best of what they had. Fajitas, tripas, menudo, chitlins, pigs feet…. hot dogs for crying out loud. Anyway, thumbs up man!

  24. chriscooks4u2, parts 1 and 2. The ultimate video on cleaning chitt'lins and why. Just another good opinion, so you don't make anyone sick.

    White people ate "leavings" also, using everything possible from an animal. To this day, Habbersett's Scapple made in Philadelphia for more than 100 years, and also by the Amish and Mennonites in Pennsylvania since before there was slavery, is still a childhood favorite of mine when relatives ship it to me. Various sausages, to this day, made in white ethnic neighborhoods, contain certain throwaways (such as sheep blood used in homemade kishki). The casings are animal. Check the ingredients for famous Philadelphia pepperpot soup, made for generations and still available in chi-chi restaurants there and even canned.

    Just sayin', "slave" food is not the only use of "offal." Tell your history, but don't overlook what the early settlers made do with. We are all people, striving to survive and understand. Thank you for your service. Happy New Year.

  25. Happy New Year!! saw this recipe sometime in the summer and decided i would try it for new years eve, i havent made chitterlins in over 6 years and i must say , First off i used a five pound bag of Uncle Lous chitlins and they are listed as super clean, well we all know better but yes indeed they were as  super clean as i have ever seen , of course i still had to remove the membrane but it slid off very easy and hardly any debris at all, I followed your recipe to the T, Absolutely no water and I tell you , you couldnt even smell them cooking and they were the best chitterlings i have ever tasted in my Life!! Thank you so much for this recipe!!

  26. I just want to make sure I got this right…when you're cleaning you're "chittlins" which side are you pulling off? There's a darker almost tan colored side and then there's a white/opeac side. We have Aunt Bessie's pre-cleaned chitterlings down where I am and I buy them and give them as gifts to my family. It's the best gift ever.

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