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  1. I saw them in either 77 or 78, at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, I was 13, best concert I have ever seen, amazing vocals and musicianship. The whole band was amazing.

  2. This has to be from about 1977 because Roger Fisher left the band by 1978 due to being frustrated with his love life going sour with Nancy Wilson.

  3. I've seen a few tracks from this show. Clearly someone owns the whole thing. Whoever that is, shame, shame, shame, for sitting on it. It should have had an official release long ago.

  4. This is from PIR (Portland International Raceway). Sat. September 2 1978. Opening acts were Randy Hansen, Little River Band and Bob Welch. Was there with about 25,000 others fans. GA ticket was $ 10.00 dollars! There is another video from this concert on YouTube. Straight On Live 1978. Pretty good deal for one of my first concerts.

  5. Great footage! Why isn't there high quality DVD release of it? Roger Fisher, Ann Wilson and Michael Derosier bring so much dynamic to the band. Does anyone know where it was filmed?

  6. this is when rock bands could really play as a unit and when good rock and roll was really on the map! how I miss the solid rock of the seventies!!

  7. These so-called girl singers of today need to take some lessons from Ann, they're just a bunch of bubble butted no talent hacks with their auto tune crap. Ann was also hotter than any of them could ever hope too be!

  8. Hottest sisters…ever? This songs bangs so hard! Deroshire laid down some of the heaviest grooves with them Ludwigs.

  9. Couldn't have picked a better song to begin the Dog & Butterfly album with.  I have loved this song since the first time I heard it and it still rocks all these years later.

  10. From a Limeys point of view, it's strange hearing Ann speak (would love to hear Nancy talk!).  It contradicts that Dreamboat look of  *down to the salt of the Earth, Little House On The Prarie, Hippy girl look*  they had on The Old Grey Whistle Test/Midnight Special video's.  LOVE the tough Rock-Chick accent though! 🙂

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