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  1. You see, I WOULD recommend this show to my parents, but then you go and drop the whole "shit on your wife" bit, and well…now I HAVE to recommend it to them. Quality show.

  2. I would recommend roasting your corn in the oven it helps caramelize the sugars in the corn and won't leach the flavor from it like the water does while boiling it. The wings look really good though.


  4. Great show Greg! Funny and can’t wait to try the recipe! I just set up a channel and cooking show, would love a view and some tips from a vet! Thanks!

  5. Hey Greg another suggestion you might want to try out that my wife learned from her grandma, season just the raw chicken with some salt and pepper and shit, and also the egg yolks. Season up all dem shits , does wonder 😉 ( 87 Italian lady knows best)

  6. hi love video seconding time watching it and i sorry this seems net picky but i see a burn happening in your future to prevent that from happen make sure u keep that pan handle front of u not facing the back because it will cause steam burns i work in the kitchen all the time and i had to help a chef because he did what u did and had to first aid on him..
    love the show keep them coming 🙂

  7. Greg please make a claw when cutting things just scared you'll cut yourself. Video linked below shows what I mean

  8. I have done this a million times since you debuted it, I have used parchment paper but can get smokey sometimes reynolds wrap makes a non-stick sheet that works great as well.

  9. This is some good shit, could you guys throw up a Celsius and Metric conversion on the screen or in the description for the temps and ingredients? For all the non american fans!!! 2nd best on Kinda Funny after KFGD 😀

  10. Would it work to do this with chicken filets instead of wings? I'm not a big fan of wings but I'd like to try this recipe.

  11. I’m really digging this series. And I actually want to try these recipes myself but do you have a Philly Chesesteak (or equivalent) recipe?

  12. "I ain't no chicken doctor… Believe it or not I don't have a chicken MD.
    Got an MD in that p****though, you know what I'm saying?"

  13. Parchment paper is great, but To take these wings a step further, place a cooling rack on the cookie sheet and bake em on that instead

  14. Why on earth are you not eating it after you've made it.. People need to see the enjoyment that you get from the food once its made. Get Nick & others in to taste it and give an option. give reasons to your methods.  Maybe research into some British food programs and take some tips. Simple recipes are great but the content seems forced.

  15. Loving the diverse content! Keep up the great work, chef! I noticed that you were using pre-grounded black pepper… Have you tried using a black peppercorn grinder, that way you always get a fresh source of black pepper?

    I understand why you used pre-grounded black pepper in preparation for this dish; it's much faster to pour a boat load of pre-ground into the flour mix than waiting there grinding black pepper… but, if in a future dish where you were planning to add some black pepper to top off the dish before serving, having a black peppercorn grinder would definitely add a little something extra.

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