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  1. Everything I've seen you both cook always looks so good, but this is the first one I'm actually going to try and make myself, it looks like something I might be cooking the rest of my life it looks so good

    Thanks so much for both of you taking the time to do these great videos!

  2. Hi Rossella im new to your channel and absolutely love you and your Nonna could I please ask does your cookbook have photos of the receipes you cook in the book as im all the way in Melbourne Australia and cant buy in book store have to order on line and I love to have photos of what finished dish looks like it doesnt matter afew dont have photos but I prefer most receipes do please could you let me know so I can order in the next few days 😙

  3. Except for the mortadella, this is the way my 90 year old mother in law taught me to make this dish. She is from Benevento. Delish! Thank you

  4. Rossella, I am so glad I found you girl! I watched your previous video of Eggplant Parmigiana and Cooking with Nonna… I really like the changes you've made, the videos much more appealing and bright! Great work…Hallo Nonna

  5. I've never seen it done this way I love mortadella I an definitely going to try it this way next time! Thanks for sharing..

  6. amazing presentation , i will certainly do this great recipe thank you so much and thanks for your beautiful Nonna for this succulent dishes

  7. I noticed Nonna had to scrape the last tsp of sauce out of the pot. Italians are very frugal with food. They even rinse the bottom of a can of tomatoes to get the last bit out. As Lidia B. says, "why waste it?". Ron

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