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  1. Another beautiful comfort dish! Thank you Chef!😊
    I had my own recipe but it never seem to taste quite right.
    Sake, Potato Starch and Sesame oil really makes a huge
    difference! I discovered by the way that Mirin
    Makes the outside more crunchy and flaky.
    Just add a Tablespoon.

  2. I have made chicken karaage in Japan and I've made it here in the USA; for some reason, it doesn't quite turn out the same. I can't think of any other variable besides the poultry itself.

  3. So they use a narrator, but for some reason gives a excuse to put a dog in the picture… never nuke a country twice

  4. I always make the all food according to your video but I hold this video,cos I can't find out the corn strach or potato strach.instead of them can I use corn flour. please answer me. thanks

  5. This starts out so good–with the cook speaking in turn with the narrator–then she stops describing her process. Is there a normal Japanese version of this video? I want to hear it explained in Japanese. Thanks.

  6. My mom always made this because I loved it…brings back memories. I like the use of potato starch because gluten is such an annoyingly big part of culinary culture nowadays. love love love

  7. Tried it out both fried and cooked in the oven. Oven works as well, takes a bit longer, but your kitchen isn't a mess afterwards! 🙂

  8. Done this, and they turned out great (still not as awesome as the ones I ate in Japan, but better than other recipes)

  9. My cat Mojo and I love watching you! Thank you so much for making such easy to follow videos – I was never a very good cook until I found this channel.

  10. I made it this morning. I had three thighs I just had to use up. I executed the recipe from memory, so I forgot to add sesame oil. But it made a great breakfast and now I have three small bentos for the rest of the week. I will make this again!

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